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You say Tomato… I say Firmware.

I finally had the opportunity to load Tomato on my WRT54GS v.3 over the weekend and this is absolutely the best firmware I have come across to date. The interface is clean and offers something DD-WRT does not: realtime bandwidth monitoring from the web interface. Thus far, it has run very stable. There is also a noticeable difference in response times.

A little word of caution, though. After my installation, I HAD to reset the router (not power-cycle) via the reset switch. If you notice any issues of your password now working properly, the device more than likely just needs a reset. Another way around this problem is to restore your router to it’s factory defaults prior to the Tomato installation.

The Tomato firmware is available at

Using sFTP

Secure FTP is a method of encrypting a standard ftp connection.
I followed the FreshMeat tutorial written by John K Norden when implementing this service:

“Why would you want to implement something like this?” someone may ask. It’s very simple. Once you have sftp and scp, you can implement encrypted offsite backup, provide a quick and secure method of receiving files from clients, and you never have to say you left your file at home again.