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IRC is back online!

I registered #itadmins on for discussions about tech realted items. It will serve it’s purpose very soon. Check back often!

FCC Versus Comcast (i.e. Take that, Comcast, Part 2)

I am amazed at the semantics as much as everyone else.  The FCC order blocking traffic shaping has been overturned.    Does this mark the end of Net Neutrallity? Maybe.  In a statement on ,  Austin Schlick, General Councel for the FCC, is focused on moving forward with funding broadband in rural areas, while according to RadioInk Magazine, Commissioner Michael Copps may be considering classifying Internet access a telecom service.  This would add very aggressive regulations and possibly a Universal Access Fee, in my opinion.  I think this may be a way to fund the Broadband initiatives, but I have mixed feelings on it.  Comcast has stated that they will continue to cooperate with FCC initiatives, which is a plus for everyone.