Lessons Learned – Sansa E260R

I just wanted to post a few notes regarding my experiences with the SanDisk Sansa E260R. Today, I attempted to play a SecurityNow! podcast and, low and behold, the Sansa rebooted for absolutely no reason. I thought nothing of it. The stoplight had turned green and I switched over to XM instead. At the next light , I looked down at the seat and the Sansa was stuck in some kind of loop. The SanDisk logo would pop up, then the Rhapsody logo, then it would restart. I held down the power button and it turned off after about a minute.

This afternoon, Recovery mode worked (Hold Switch On, REC + Power) and I copied the latest firmware to it. After unmounting the drive, I disconnected it from the USB cable. To my astonishment, the same results occurred: still rebooting.

It was time to search Google. Everything pointed to the firmware. Someone even suggested loading the firmware 3 times to see if it would take. It was almost time to give up when I found a small post suggesting dropping a blank file called sansa.fmt onto the recovery partition. After an unmount, the Sansa Recovery Mode formatted the drive and it booted normally, minus all the content, of course. At least I didn’t loose the device!


  1. Chuck says:

    What firmware image did you use? I’ve been trying pp5022.mi4 with and without that sansa.fmt file but no luck, I always get “Load main image failed Switch to Recovery mode’

  2. Chuck says:

    Never mind, my device is actually a e200 ver 1. I used the correct boot rom and mi4 file for that version and it works fine now.

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