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Hardy Heron Beta Testing

I am testing the Hardy Heron beta right now. I’ll spare a recap of the features that everyone else is talking about and delve into a UI change that I noticed right away. Instead of having a million boxes all over your screen when you are deleting, copying , and moving files, there is one that stacks all your active Nautilus progress bars together. This is more than likely a feature of the new Gnome release, but being the geeky sysadmin that I am, it was the first shiny thing that caught my eye. I still haven’t tested Brasero, but I will try to over the weekend. K3B is really getting to be overkill even though it has been my favorite recording software for the past six years. I will post more results when I can.

My Idea For How to Improve Ubuntu

For those not aware, Canonical now has a voting system setup for submitting your own ideas on how to improve Ubuntu, called Ubuntu Brainstorm. This is similar to the Dell IdeaStorm site that established Ubuntu as a distribution that Dell Computer needed to include purchase options for. Anyway, I have submitted an idea for community review and will include a link on the sidebar of this blog for your review.

My suggestion is providing a portal with tips, tricks, and directions for new and interested users. The idea may need some further documentation and thought, but I already have 64 votes as of this post. Feel free to check it out, and if you are at all interested, please consider voting for this idea.